Today’s Mobile Advertising News February 9, 2015

by MobiDeviceAds on February 9, 2015

  • Predictions for Mobile Advertising in 2015
    2015 PredictionsWant to know what 2015 brings for mobile advertisers? Check out the latest report from Tapjoy.
  • 2015: A Mobile Look Ahead
    2014 was a big year for mobile, and a big year for Smaato. Rather than quoting endless statistics, everything was up. A lot. All the graphs and charts we could draw here are the type that make the financial guys very happy. This of course was true not only for Smaato but for most of the…
  • Ads in Your Mobile App or Website in 3 Minutes
    Our recent release of The Smaato Publisher Platform (SPX) marks a paradigm shift, not only for Smaato but also for mobile advertising technology as a whole, by putting Dynamic Demand and a free, full featured mobile-first ad server in the hands of publishers and app developers of all sizes. For free.   In an effort…
  • Introducing SPX: The Smaato Publisher Platform
    Today we’re very excited to announce the public release of The Smaato Publisher Platform. The Smaato Publisher Platform (SPX) is a free, full-featured publisher ad server built from the ground up for a mobile-first world. This all new platform enables app developers and digital publishers to immediately monetize their properties by delivering target consumers to…
  • Publisher Update : Audience Profiles

    By Evelyn Tay, Director, Publisher Alliance

    From November 2014, Publisher accounts are supported with Audience Profiles to help each publisher put across content / services to the right people in the most effective way.

    These profiles are derived from continuous sampling of visitors to each Publisher site (or application) and can be found in the Audience Profile selection from the dropdown menu.

    The demographic data provides overall profile of visitors based on their country of origin. Here is an example from a publisher with South African audience.

    These are in turn broken by Age and Gender, their location by City and the overall Rural / Urban distribution within each country.

    (Our online Campaign Planner consolidates all audience profiles by Country and is presented as a planning tool for Advertisers) .

    Each month BuzzCity samples a segment of users when overstock inventory is available to develop an audience profile for each publisher. In the coming months we expect to include ‘Occupation’ distribution as part of profile data.

    The Audience Profile not only helps our publishers understand their visitors better but helps us to improve Publisher earnings by matching audiences to the relevant advertisers.  The aggregate Audience Profile powers a feature that helps Advertisers show their ads to groups of publishers whose visitors have specific audience attributes.

    In the next post we will outline how this is used as an advertiser feature.

  • Mobile & Travel 2015
    By Hisham Isa, Vice President (Marketing)
    The number of travellers – both business and pleasure – who are depending on their mobiles to make travel decisions and purchases is rapidly on the rise, according to findings from BuzzCity’s latest survey of mobile users from 25 benchmark countries.
    Not only are consumers using their phones to purchase tickets and book accommodation, they’re also increasingly relying on their mobile devices for information and entertainment while on the road.
    Some astute travel industry brands are already capitalising on this shift, thinking beyond their websites and purchase apps to how they can really engage consumers and improve their travel experiences. If you’re in the travel industry and not already doing this, take note or risk losing market share in the year ahead.
    Key Findings
    As we reviewed the data from Argentina to Vietnam, we were struck by the rapid increase of mobile consumers on the BuzzCity Network who traveling for business and leisure.
    Travel Patterns
    • In 2014, 24% of mobile respondents replied that their work involves frequent travel of at least once a month. This is up nearly three-fold from a year earlier, when just 9% said that they were frequent business travelers.
    • Between business and vacations, 1/3 of our audience travels internationally.
    • The percentage of mobile users who travel overseas for holidays has more than doubled, up from 10% in 2013 to 29% in this survey.

      Information and Commerce
      • Online reviews and social media are key. 27% of our users say they “turn first to social media recommendations” when researching a trip.
      • 27% also use their phones to search for user reviews and ratings before making a hotel booking.
      • 30% say they use their phones to make last minute reservations. 

      Consumption Patterns while Traveling 
      • 1 in 4 travellers buy local SIM cards when overseas to avoid roaming charges.
      • Another 21% do not use their phones when overseas, except in an emergency.
            We also asked mobile users how they use their phones, when travelling for leisure:
      • 40% said they use their phones for entertainment: listening to music, watching videos, reading e-books and playing games.
      • Nearly 30% of people on holiday use their phones to stay in touch with others, by checking email and reading social media status updates and tweets.
      • 20 – 30% use their phones to check out local information: weather reports, public transport schedules, travel routes, places to eat, events, attractions and other destination details.

        Six Key Lessons
        1. The times, they are a-changing.
        This might seem obvious, but let’s state it anyway: traveling abroad is no longer a luxury reserved for the wealthy. Thanks to low-cost airlines and mobile booking sites, overseas holidays are increasingly common. As AirAsia advertises, “Now Everyone Can Fly”.
        2. No one likes paying for WiFi.
        Travellers are more and more likely to begin their journeys armed with an assortment of internet devices, including smartphones, tablets and laptops. They want to stay connected and are demanding free Wifi. Some airports and hotels are sticking to a paid model, but increasingly they could lose out if they don’t respond to consumer demand. Even buses and other transport companies are finding wifi to be a business critical service.  As a follow-up question, we asked 200 business travellers which cities are best for free wi-fi.  Top of the list:  New York, Singapore and Bangalore.
        3. What’s more unpopular than paying for Wifi? Exorbitant Roaming Charges!
        If there’s one roadblock in the path of mobile travel growth, it could well be the stubbornly-high cost of data roaming. Cheap local SIM cards and free WiFi in hotels and cafes have fueled mobile growth among overseas travellers. In Cambodia, for example, a US$5 pre-paid card – available for purchase at the airport – provides about 2 hours of local calls . . . and more importantly 2GB of data. By contrast, my home mobile provider charges nearly US$15 per day for roaming data . . . and that’s only if you SMS in for the plan; otherwise it’s US$16 per MB! Nearly half of all travellers either buy a local SIM card or turn off their phones. Until this percentage rises even further, though, telecoms may not feel the push to lower charges.
        Visitors can pre-book attractions
        during peak periods at Ocean Park
        in Hong Kong using this mobile app.

        4. Mobile is part of the destination experience.

        Whether it’s looking at maps, checking out the weather, searching for places to eat and things to do or downloading an app at a museum, theme park or other attraction, travelers are using mobile to look for tips and insights. With information comes opportunities for m-commerce. Keep in mind that variety is a bigger pull than price.
        5. Keep it simple.
        Travel commerce needs to be simple, clear and seamless. The booking experience needs to be smooth across devices and also between affiliates, taking into account consumer demand for comparison reviews and social networks.
        One company that appears to get this is Qunar, a travel commerce platform which means “Where to Go” in Mandarin and has been dubbed the of China. Just last month, in a letter to shareholders, Qunar announced that metasearch – directing leads to other sites – is “NOT a winning proposition in the mobile age”. Instead, Qunar has developed a platform that enables traveler to complete their bookings within Qunar apps. The company found that directing consumers to hotel and other third-party sites caused it to lose bookings.
        6. Creativity drives engagement.
        We can’t say this too many times. Be creative and keep it interesting. But remember, it takes more than a good hashtag to be successful Creativity only drives engagement if it responds to consumer interests.
        One travel operator that’s getting it right is Turkish Airlines. Its cross-platform campaigns — “Selfie Shoot-out” and “#EpicFood” — are generating millions of YouTube hits. In one spot – which has more than 60 million views, footballers Lionel Messi and Didier Drogba chase each other across the globe in search of the best, most exotic cuisine.
        Viewers are also invited to upload their own epic travel photos to Turkish Airlines ties the campaign to its brand with the tagline, “We Fly to More Flavours Than Any Other Airline”.

        Looking Ahead

        A number of major brands are introducing or revamping their mobile travel offerings.  TripAdvisor has a new “Instant Booking” app.  Amazon is reportedly set to launch ‘Amazon Travel’ to compete with companies like Expedia and Priceline.  Marriott Hotels expects to roll out mobile check-in at all 500 of its hotels globally.

        New start-ups meanwhile are continually identifying niche areas that need service, like HalalTrip – an English and Arabic app that enables travellers to rate Halal food across the globe (and which will soon include a hotel-booking feature) and ‘Booking Now’ which uses GPS to offer users last-minute hotel deals at nearby locations.

        This all points to the same trend: mobile technology is upending the way people travel . . . and if your company is not on-board with it, you really need to adapt quickly.

      • Meet Admoda at MWC 2015
        Mobile World Congress. 2nd-5th March 2015, Barcelona. It’s that time of year again. As always we would love to meet our existing clients in Barcelona, and have a chat with anyone new who is considering working with us. Whether you are an advertiser, publisher, or agency please do drop us a line to arrange a meeting. 
      • Best Cities for Free WiFi – Jan 2015
        Multi-channel surfing has resulted in higher demand for access among travellers and meeting this demand may yet be business critical for airports, hotels and public transport services.  In our latest report on Lifestyle : Mobile & Travel (pg. 21), free hotel wifi was one of the items 39% of travellers looked for, so the this recent news comes as no surprise. 

        As a quick follow up to the survey, we decided to poll users to see which cities they felt were best for free wifi when travelled. Here are the results from 200 business travellers and mobile users.

      • The BuzzCity Report Vol 5 Issue 1 – Jan 2015

        Over the course of 2014 we delivered 321 billion ads, a growth of 19% from last year. This growth comes as advertiser trust in mobile grew together with our aggressive culling of fraudulent traffic.

        The last year saw smartphones become a mainstream mobile surfing tool across our network and e-commerce grew in markets like India, Indonesia and Malaysia. We believe this will only increase as more surfers turn to 4G services in markets across our network.

        Just as mobile has transformed online commerce for many, we see similar transformations in the travel industry. This report includes a survey on travel  that shows more than a quarter of mobile users now booking tickets on their mobiles.  

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      June 3, 2013

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